My next door neighbor is an estate seller and collector. She asked me to make her a website. Per her request, the color scheme was based on her pre-existing business cards and signs, creating continuity in her brand across platforms and media. Also per her request, the content is designed to remain accurate and not need to be updated or added to.


My local municipal airport needed their website updated. In particular, they were interested in simplifying the layout and design, reducing the number of tabs and making the site more mobile friendly. They also had some information they wanted embedded and wanted a filter on their contact form to prevent bots and spam. The airport has received positive feedback on the new design and content. 

I was excited to get to write for my local chamber of commerce. I'm a big fan of small local business and it was a great opportunity to support the community. I wrote stories which were featured in the Chamber's weekly newsletters, covering a new business opening and two events which were upcoming. This was a lot of fun and in the future I would love to contribute again.

Sonny's on Main Street

Five O'Dock Somewhere

Sewanee Fourth of July


My mom's tutoring business. I designed and continue to maintain the website for her, and continue to help her with all of her social media advertisements and posts. Mom has several different business ventures related to tutoring, art, and photography. My long term goal is to create different websites and brand identities for each of these distinct businesses.

A small bike shop located just down the road from where I went to school. I modernized the look and feel of their website and set links to open in a new tab, as the owner requested. I also redid the content of the site and used SEO techniques to make sure they are the top result when searched in the area. Also embedded site with Google Analytics, allowing business to see where their hits are coming from. After my work, the shop had their best May ever.


I briefly got to contribute to a local newspaper. Like the work for the Chamber, I was excited to get to cover local events and businesses. I interviewed local business owners and important members of the community and got to write about the experiences.

Louella Pyle celebrates 102nd birthday

HOSC plans craft fair to fund new sensory room

Artist and friends make sleep mats for homeless

Tullahoma toddler to be featured in Time Square


Sundrop Shoppe celebrates a wonderful new life


Revolution, rebellion, and a midday nosh


2122 Fairfax Ave

Apt 16

Nashville, TN 37212