• stetsonsnead

Welcome to my blog

This is actually my third attempt at a blog. The first was a terrible, cringy Star Wars fan blog from my early days of high school. It was bad and I have done my best to erase it from the internet. At least one person followed it though, so that's impressive. The second attempt was a tech blog for a class in college. I had all kinds of fun things I was going to write about going into the class. I think I wrote three articles.

But this time is going to be different. This time there is no set theme for topics. No high hopes that I post here regularly or that anyone reads it.

I am starting this blog mainly to practice writing and to hopefully continue to produce more samples for potential clients and employers. I have frequently gone to apply for a position and felt that I didn't have enough samples to prove what I am capable of. Ideally, by writing here where anyone can read what I'm saying, I can gain some feedback and some experience in managing a blog.

I have no idea how frequently I'll post. Hopefully often enough that it doesn't look like I'm abandoning this project. But I know myself and make no promises. Posts may be few and far between, but I will try to keep them interesting.

What will I write about? Who knows. Star Wars and technology are still big interests of mine. Movies, books, and games in general are probably fair game. I'm an open source nut, so there's that. Expect me to rant and rave on all kinds of subjects. That will keep it exciting, right?

What I can tell you I will try not to discuss is anything controversial, like politics. The purpose of this blog is, after all, to help me expand my career and clientele as a writer, so I don't want to ruffle to many feathers. If you read all the work I have posted in my portfolio though, you will know that sometimes my opinions sneak their way in whether I want them to or not. So let's just say that all opinions will be welcome here, and that if (when) we aren't on the same page, we can just agree to disagree and still be friends.

That's all for now. Stay tuned, and may the Force be with you.