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My name is Stetson Snead. I am a freelance writer currently based in Nashville, TN. I am a recent college graduate with a combined total of seven years professional work experience. My writing has included content for websites, search engine optimization, social media content for business, newsletters, articles, blog posts, political campaigns and speeches, advertisements, interviews, and research.

I got into writing because I have always been a bookworm. Currently I am reading A Song of Ice and Fire (I'm behind the times, I know), The Expanse (I'm ahead of the curve on this one), and Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (I'm still upset about the Expanded Universe). Next up I plan to revisit Lord of the Rings, finally get around to reading Neuromancer, and see if Mistborn is as good as I've heard. I write for fun all the time, and hope to one day be a published author.

I like Super Bowl commercials. A good commercial grabs your attention and holds it for thirty seconds, no small feat in today's world. You have the power to change the channel or turn the TV off, but you don't, the commercial has you, a captive audience. The commercial pulls on your logos, pathos, ethos, or a combination of two or more of these. It makes you do something involuntary, whether it be laugh or think or pick up the phone. If the commercial is good, you will remember what the product is, even if it's something you have no interest in. That is an impressive skill. That's what I want to do as a freelance writer.

I am interested in full-time, contract, or temporary writing positions, preferably in the Nashville area, though I am willing to move for the right opportunity. If you have a project or role or know someone who does, please reach out. I'm always excited by new opportunities.

2122 Fairfax Ave

Apt 16

Nashville, TN 37212